Summer Time and Mental Health

Most of us can’t wait for the sun and warm temperatures. We tend to have the belief that things will get better in the summer; however, that is not always the case. In fact, most of the problems we experience carry into summer along with the added expectation that we should feel better. The added pressure that we should be happy and enjoying this season can make us feel even worse.

The summer also tends to have its own set of unique challenges that aren’t present during other seasons. For instance, kids are not in school so there tends to be lack of structure and increase in stress for parents. Also, there are typically more social interactions and events because people are more willing to venture outside their house. This can spike anxiety for those with social anxiety. Also, wedding season tends to kick off during this time. Those who are single or struggling in their relationships may feel more lonely.

Here are some tips to keep up your mental health care during the summer:

MLRA Summer Mental Health


Kelsey Wechter, MS, LPC

Kelsey Wechter is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Meghan L Reitz & Associates. She provides experienced counseling to children, adolescents, and adults to identify issues they are experiencing and overcome problems through a variety of innovative, evidence-based strategies. Learn more about Kelsey HERE.

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