Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples & Family

Are you tired of constantly fighting about the same issues with no results?

Is your broken relationship affecting your children or having you consider separation or divorce?

Making a marriage or your relationship a priority is easy at first, but over time, as stress and other issues demand attention, there is less time and energy available to go into the relationship. Annoyances and resentments may emerge, which can lead to  criticizing, complaining, or lack of effort in the relationship. It may cause you to lose feelings for the other. You were once happy and in love. Now you feel like you can’t win with your partner, or you have just lost interest. You do not want to live as mere roommates for the rest of your life and continued conflict can lead to depression, health problems, and negatively impact your children.

Going through life in a broken relationship or unhappy marriage isn't fair to you, your partner, or your children. So why not take the first step to repairing your relationship and building a better future for your family?

Meghan L Reitz and Associates counselors provide a safe, non-confrontational environment to deal with resentments, infidelity, lack of communication and many more relationship problems. If you were happy and in love once, you have the ability and right to be happy again.  With the assistance of our marriage counselors, better communication and increased understanding of your partner can  be the first step to repairing your relationship and building a stronger foundation for your future.

We offer counseling for all couples interested in improving their relationships with marriage or pre-marital counseling. Our experience with a wide range of relationship types, issues and resolutions will ensure your relationship is in good hands. Our therapists believe that love comes in many forms and appreciate that married, dating, gay or straight individuals are all simply looking for a healthy and happy relationship.

It may be a difficult decision to begin couples counseling, so our counselors are prepared to guide you and your partner to set and reach goals to resolve hurt feelings and overcome current problems in a non-judgmental and safe environment. Couples willing to work on their relationship with our therapists often achieve a greater understanding and deeper intimacy. Some issues we often help with are:

  • Communication Problems
  • Emotional Distance
  • Infidelity
  • Broken Trust
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Conflict Between Parents
  • Work and Financial Stress
  • Co-dependence
  • Family Planning
  • Sexual Problems
  • Adjustment to Change
  • Ongoing Arguments

Getting Couples Counseling

If you are interested in beginning couples therapy or marriage counseling, contact us online or by phone at (847) 220-7402 to learn more about how our therapists can help you and your partner at our convenient Schaumburg office.