Now that we’re into the full swing of the school year, we thought it would be helpful to share some parenting suggestions and ideas. We hope you find some of these tips helpful in navigating your child’s transition from season to season and throughout the school year. Instead of recommending a bunch of books to read or giving general ideas of coping, this blog article will provide you with quick and specific action steps to effectively parent. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in! No matter how old your child is, these tips are applicable to any age range. Another piece to remember is that nothing will stick if you are not consistent. So keep the mantra of “Consistency and frequency” in the forefront of your mind.


-Keep your emotions in check

-Reminder: Your kid is not a little adult

-Don’t take it personally (when your child acts out or says something mean)

-Get on the same page with your co-parent

-Be involved with your child’s school and extracurricular activities

-Have consistent family dinners

-Busyness does not equate to happiness - slow things down, not every moment has to be filled or planned

-Refrain from yelling

-Show genuine interest in your child’s world

-Connect with other parents

-Seek out your support system

-Keep a schedule/routine

-Schedule one on one time with your child

-Put the phone away

-Educate yourself on child development

-Incorporate creativity 

-Don’t engage in a power struggle

-Hold firm to expectations

-Praise positive behavior

Check out our follow up blog article where we will do a deeper dive into how the tips can be more specifically implemented. Until then, keep these ideas in your back pocket and give them a try.

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