Do you ever notice on Sundays, particularly late afternoon and evening, a feeling of sadness or anxiety? Most people experience what is known as �Sunday Blues� to varying degrees. Even though technically the weekend isn�t over until Monday morning, Sunday tends to be dominated by the realization that the fun of the weekend is over and the stress of the work week will start, essentially ending our weekend early.

There are many complicating factors that lead to the Sunday Blues including:

  • Start of the work week or school week - Anticipation of the pressure and stress over the next 5 days can strike even people who enjoy their jobs.
  • Procrastination - Sunday tends to be the day we leave to finish errands, do housework, and complete schoolwork to prepare for the upcoming week.
  • Weather - Most people don�t like the idea of having to go out in the cold, especially for work. Yet, when the weather is nice, most don�t want to be stuck inside.
  • Traffic - The idea of sitting in traffic, especially if you have a long commute, can make anyone dread the upcoming week.

Tips to cure the Sunday Blues:

  • Talk - Talking about how you are feeling can help alleviate the pressure you may be feeling which can help put things into perspective.
  • Journal/Write - Expressing your feelings through writing can also be an alternative to talking with someone.
  • Breathe - Deep breathing, which involves using your diaphragm with focused and measured breaths, can help to reduce stress and anxiety on a physical level.
  • Grounding - Engaging your five senses can assist you on focusing on the moment rather than worrying about tomorrow.
  • Gratitude/Perspective - Reflect on your weekend and look at what you have accomplished versus what you didn�t get completed.
  • Do fun stuff on Sunday, not just Saturday - Sunday doesn�t have to be the day of chores and errands- consider doing those tasks on Saturday instead.
  • Schedule something enjoyable during the week - Having something fun to look forward to other than Friday/the weekend will break up the grind of the work week.
  • Organize your desk on Friday in preparation for Monday - Leaving your desk organized and taking care of those tedious tasks on Friday will set you up for better success on Monday.
  • Exercise - By moving your body you can lower anxiety and stress as well as boost your mood by getting those needed endorphins.
  • Seek professional counseling - A professional can help you explore deeper issues that might be causing the anxiety/stress in order to address them and seek solutions to coping with them.



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