As promised, we at MLRA are following up on our October parenting blog article to go into more specifics with parenting skills and how they can be used. While this is certainly not an exhaustive description of all the skills to add to your toolbox, these three concepts are a fabulous start. It's also important to continue assessing what works and what doesn't. Keep in mind that kids of different ages will respond in varying ways. Being flexible and making adjustments are key to the process of successful parenting.

Skill #1:

How are YOU taking care of yourself? And how are you taking care of your marriage/relationship? Making sure that you are attending to your own mental and emotional well-being is the first step in increasing the likelihood of smoother parenting. You are always role modeling your self-care for your children.

Skill #2:

Do not hesitate to apologize and own your responsibility in your potential negative interactions with your kids. We all lose our cool sometimes. It's important to acknowledge that you are human too.

Skill #3:

Make time to check in with your kids - spend one on one time with them; allow for space and time for imaginative play outside of electronics (and that means you also should table the electronics); praise what they do well and avoid shaming for what they've done wrong - address behavioral issues but keeping positive reinforcement for what goes right is key.

Helpful resources to check out for your parenting needs include 123 Magic, GoNoodle, Plant Love Grow, and Centervention.

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