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Weight Loss and Its Link to Stress Reduction

Weight. The never-ending battle. If you yourself isn't dealing with weight issues, you probably know someone who is. There is definitely a link between stress and weight gain. There are a number of studies that have found that stress can increase a chemical in the body called cortisol to be produced at higher rates. This in turn can cause weight gain by slowing down the metabolism. So the question is: How do you reduce stress in your life?

In previous blog articles I have mentioned different techniques and tips that you can do manage stress more succesfully. However, I feel that there can't be enough of techniques and ideas shared on stress reduction since it is such a pervasive issues for most American lives. Stress is a way of life for most. Some stress is positive like major life changes such as getting married, having a child, graduating, etc. Some stress is negative like work, school, family and interpersonal issues, loss and grief, etc. Either way, stress is present and something that we all need to learn how to manage.

The following website links are great resources in finding different ways to manage stress:

Know that you can't rid your life of stress. However, accept it and practice techniques like journaling, drawing, painting, cooking, baking, music (listening or playing an instrument for example), knitting, jewelry making, fishing, playing catch, exercising, eat healthier, taking a walk and enjoying nature, deep breathing, counting, positive self-talk, and the list goes on and on. Don't know where to start? Try starting one technique. Doesn't work? That's ok. Try another. Also, make sure you know who is in your support network. List these individuals out so you can readily access them by phone, email, text, etc. Sometimes when we are most stressed we don't reach out for others. Try not to isolate. It is ok to need help!

Find more information about stress and it's connection to weight gain/weight loss through the following sites:

If you feel like your stress is out of control, and you're having trouble managing your stress even if you are trying the above techniques, talk to your MD, talk to a dietician, find a counselor if you don't already have one, and reach out to friends and family. You are not alone.

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